What we did:

  • Met with client to discuss their logistic requirements for moving their high value, very fragile piece of equipment
  • Initially loading vehicles alongside a couple of our clients own team until they were ready to handover, we carefully strapped goods to their high standard to avoid any risk of damages
  • Transported goods to various long distance locations often within the same day as loading, or as and when instructed.

What we did:

  • Managed and Moved client from one building to another using some of the existing furniture
  • Installed new furniture
  • Retro fitted new tops to some existing desking to match up with the new furniture purchased.
  • Cleared the old building for handover back to the landlord


  • Supplied crates for move
  • Relocation of IT equipment and business contents
  • Clearance of former premises to handover back to landlord (clear condition)

The clients primary requirement was to increase the number of workstations within their office. All existing desking was to be dismantled and removed off site in order to make way for the new furniture.

We took into consideration the request but also ensured that they were also happy with the work space around them as they needed to feel comfortable.

What we did

  • Clear site of existing furniture for recycling.
  • Installed new workstations, lockers and storage units.