Our history

The company was founded back in February 1978 with Leslie John Mildon and Allen Sparey when they realised that there was a requirement in the office furniture industry delivering office furniture to customers nationwide. 

Steadily growing as a business they started moving into other transportation sectors and offering other delivery solutions to customer’s needs. This included shop fittings to major retailers as well as the start of the occasional installation of storage units.

The company has grown significantly since the days of owning a couple of Luton vans and we now running a fleet of vehicles ranging from a Mercedes Vito through to 44 tonne lorries.

Whilst we have a proud record of maintaining a number of our clients that have used ourselves during these times we have fully established ourselves within the office furniture industry whereby we have boosted our client database with a number of office furniture dealers, manufacturers and our customers directly.

Our work nowadays, whilst initially it was (and still can be) a doorstep service, it is used less frequently now as our clients have come to realise that we offer a valuable service in making sure that the product is not only delivered but left in full working order at the time of  our departure.

We have been recognised as a company that handle valuable and fragile loads with a responsible and professional manner and have taken on a number of contracts where we deliver a number of non-office furniture products such as machinery, garments and sports equipment.

What our clients say